Freedom to Give: The Biblical Truth About Tithing 2

Freedom to Give book

My first book is now available to the world!  I emphasize first, because I plan to sharpen my skills and write as long as I have words to say.  My next book is tentatively titled God’s Free Market: A Biblical Defense of Liberty and Capitalism.  It will be a book that makes liberal use of Scripture to define and defend the conservative notion that free market capitalism is the most efficient and effective way for a people to prosper.

Until my second project is complete, I will also move forward with my marketing plans for Freedom to Give. Book signings, radio interviews, and another other means possible are on the radar. Once I have dates and times scheduled, I will create an Itinerary on the website.

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2 thoughts on “Freedom to Give: The Biblical Truth About Tithing

  • IrishPrincess Post author

    AMAZING! Do not be overwhelmed by the number of pages. It is a pretty easy read. Great information about the history of tithing.
    Not sure what I think about the Melchizedek (not sure if I spelled his name right)theory? Does anyone else have any thoughts?

  • BlueEyes Post author

    Wow! This is a much needed book for all Christians to read. I have read the book twice now and each time I learn something new. This book has a lot of great information that really “frees” the Christian to give in a new light. The author does a great job of including thorough research and historical background to illuminate the various Bible passages. The author seems very well-versed on the topic of tithing. I am looking forward to MORE books.