Freedom to Give: The Biblical Truth About Tithing 2

Freedom to Give book

My first book is now available to the world!  I emphasize first, because I plan to sharpen my skills and write as long as I have words to say.  My next book is tentatively titled God’s Free Market: A Biblical Defense of Liberty and Capitalism.  It will be a book that makes liberal use of Scripture to define and defend the conservative notion that free market capitalism is the most efficient and effective way for a people to prosper.

Until my second project is complete, I will also move forward with my marketing plans for Freedom to Give. Book signings, radio interviews, and another other means possible are on the radar. Once I have dates and times scheduled, I will create an Itinerary on the website.

About dmynyk

Daniel holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Pensacola Christian College and an M.I.S. from University of Phoenix. He is passionate about defending and promoting historic, orthodox Christianity that has lost its foothold in evangelical churches.

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2 thoughts on “Freedom to Give: The Biblical Truth About Tithing

  • IrishPrincess Post author

    AMAZING! Do not be overwhelmed by the number of pages. It is a pretty easy read. Great information about the history of tithing.
    Not sure what I think about the Melchizedek (not sure if I spelled his name right)theory? Does anyone else have any thoughts?

  • BlueEyes Post author

    Wow! This is a much needed book for all Christians to read. I have read the book twice now and each time I learn something new. This book has a lot of great information that really “frees” the Christian to give in a new light. The author does a great job of including thorough research and historical background to illuminate the various Bible passages. The author seems very well-versed on the topic of tithing. I am looking forward to MORE books.